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love the way you lie by beneath-the-surface love the way you lie :iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 3
i remember the first time you told me you loved me. i remember how my palms began to sweat immediately following the swift rush of blood to my head (and heart). it was midsummer and exactly what i had been waiting to hear for the past four years. in eight letters you broke down months of resolve, and hard work. in eight letters, you made me fall for you again, and again, and again so when i finally came up for air, all I could say was 'and i think i love you too'. the next week was the best week of my life; even the sun couldn't compete with the light radiating from within somewhere in the middle of my chest.
i didn't know that a week later, you'd have a girlfriend. apparently, you'd been feeding her the same bullshit.
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 2
if i had a diary
i called b eight times last night and listened to his voicemail just so i could hear the sound of his voice. i hung out with n last night and all of today and he loves you, he said he'd marry you in a heart beat if you guys were at that point in your lives. he said to get out of my relationship with b because he knows it was no good for you he says he knows you can do better, you should do better, and you deserve so much better than him. hes a really sweet boy. he says i should run as fast as a can from b.
ive gotten shitfaced the past four nights...
and i still cant get b out of my god-damned mind.
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 2
good luck
and i hope in her you see
what you
saw in me.
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 4 6
enough for now
There used to be a time when simple smiles were enough.
When climbing into your bed just as the honeyed sun began to filter through the windows was just the thing I needed. We used to laugh easily, love easily, care easily. We used to be easily. Our existence was simple and seemingly fixed. But then the fights started; our words and thoughts tinged red with jealousy, anger, irritation, and a need for freedom; a need for bluer skies, greener seas, and lighter minds.
I remember sitting on the edge of the dock; toes barely skimming the cool surface of the pond below, listening to you tell story after story in-between deep inhalations and shallow exhalations of the smoke I never quite learned to appreciate. 'ya see, there really 'aint much sense left in the world, just those damned Yankees up north thinkin' they run the whole damn world'. Over the years I'd learn to disregard three quarters of what you said as self-righteous and racist: no sense in arguing.
Your cancer stick bobbed
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 0
there was a time before
you and i
when nothing seemed just right
you were left behind
and she told you
it's just not our time
will you remember me
if i promise
that i'll hold your hand (never let go)
will you stay close to me
i can show you how
to love again.
just let me be the one
to give you love
the pain will end.
will you remember me
if i promise
that i'll hold your hand (never let go)
i'll hold your hand.
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 0 0
where we were
and i'm tired of falling in and out of love with who i thought you were. who i convinced myself you could be
i'm tired of loving a shell of the person you might have been, because baby, your edges are crumbling and the planes of you cheekbones beginning to fade.
and im scared, im scared because everytime i reach for your hand, it dissappears right before my eyes. youre leaving me, slowly leaving me.
bit by bit.
piece by piece.
and my feet, my feet they cant keep up, cant maintain the pace at which your weaving your way in and out of my vision.
in and out of my life.
you promised you'd be there when i got back
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 0 0
heart whispers
you've set my heart a-racin and my thoughts a spinnin. i can no longer seperate where i end and you begin. we've become a singly entity like the night and the stars. and my fingers are searchin for something,
to hold them tight and promise to never let go
somtimes i think hearts are like puzzle pieces and if somehow we could all manage to align our piece with the others, the world would finally find the one thing we all want and need.
lately, ive been fixated with this image of a night sky, darker than the darkest blue, and deeper than the deepest ocean, sprinkled with a million twinkling stars, reflecting light off each other,
the grass,
and our eyes.
were laying on our backs holding hands and tomorrow, the peonies will bloom, and the pollen will drop. my head rests on your left shoulder as you silently whisper everything i've ever wanted to hear into my ear and my heart.
i remember the day you first spoke to my heart. i was tired, hurting, and
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 0
be there
don't leave me
don't hurt me,
promise you'll never let me down.
just be there,
touch me there.
i'll live here
in your arms.
i'll kiss  you,
i need you,
to be there
in my heart.
dont leave me,
dont hurt me,
promise you'll never let me down.
don't leave me,
don't hurt me.
promise you'll never let me down
right hereeee
right nowwwww
right hereee.
right now for me.
right hereeeee
right nowwwwww
right hereeeee
right now for me.
believe me,
dont leave me
pronmise you'll never let me down.
dont hurt me,
dont leave me,
promise you'll never let me down..
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 0
fly away by beneath-the-surface fly away :iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 0 3
tone it down a bit:
the world's huge... you're ego too.
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 1 0
to my younger self
It's the fall of 2006, and you're not going to make the volleyball team. You'll sit in front of the computer screen crying, reading down the list of names and wondering what's wrong with you. Why isn't your name on the list? But you'll be okay. You'll shed a few tears, and you'll suck it up, but this is a pivotal moment in your life.
And I know you don't know it yet,
But it is.
You pick cross country to fill the void because you know you can't stay still for any longer than a flick of your eyelashes. You don't know it yet, but this is where you'll meet Him. He'll break your heart more than once, and He'll break a few others along the way. He'll be your best friend, and you'll skip a few practices just because you know he wont be there; orthodontist appointment. Duh.
But don't do that.
Cause ive been there.
I'm you.
I know how it may feel right now, but it doesn't matter: He'll never think of you romantically, and you'll end up wasting three and a half years of your young life on Him
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 3 10
and were naive to them.
we were only fifteen, thinking we were eighteen.
one minute they were telling us to "enjoy your youth while it lasts." now its: "what do you want to do with your life" we no longer cared about boyfriends, girlfriends, relationships. they themselves were so… middle school now its stolen kisses between classes. akward fumblings in the back of your old chevy pick up.
and my hearts racing. and my palms are sweating. and ive got that tingly feeling in the back of my brain, but this is where we are. this is what we are. and theres no use trying to explain it to anyone, because to them its just puppy love. "you'll get over it". but its not, and we wont. were hot, were cold, and no way in hell are we mistaking any of this for love.
its comfort, its safety, its feeling. feeling anything at all. because somedays you go home and you  don't feel anything. anything at all. its dips in the pool. its guarded glances, and a stone heart. its knowing your going to ge
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 3 8
self deprecation
and i dont who i am
           but im hoping to find out
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 3 4
we were just too late
when your eyelashes begin to meet your cheeks, and the only thing you can see is the flashing twinkle of distant stars, your going to remember me. remember the way my eyes flitted left and right when someone was too close. the way my breathing (and my heart) hitched at the sight of you, the curve of my hip beneath your hand.
and when your bed sheets rustle across the bottoms of your legs, your going to dream about me. your going to dream of the way i liked to stand in the middle of the street as a car raced my way. your going to think of the way i didn't move until the very last second. the way i found love hidden in the corners of rooms, under beds, in closets; the way i stared out the window and followed your taillights with my eyes instead of my feet.
and when the moonlight flashes between the cracks in your curtains, your going to wish for me. your going to wish for a hand to fill the spaces between your fingers. your going to wish for the sound of music to fill your house again, t
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 7 13
and and and
it's saturday night, and i'm scared to write about you:
scared that if i write about you, everything will come rushing back.
the talks, the promises, but most of all… the pain. i'm scared that the ocean will come pouring in with no warning: spreading the floor boards, ruining my papers, and filling my lungs. && the waters beginning to drip from the ceiling and squeeze itself into the spaces between where our fingers used to fit, pushing our hearts farther and farther away.  and i want to yell out that there's no need, that our hearts will wander farther and farther apart with no help form the ocean. but the waters beginning to distort your features, erase away the things I know are there. the lines of your face are blurred, your eyebrows thicker than I remember, your eyes darker. your walking away from me, and towards me. your moving up, and your moving down. you love me, you hate me.
and i want to scream that the salt is burning my eyes, and scorching tra
:iconbeneath-the-surface:beneath-the-surface 8 9


blue feather by bailey--elizabeth blue feather :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 1,223 6 Prologue by iNeedChemicalX Prologue :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 3,120 175 The ONLY Justin by ChipWhitehouse The ONLY Justin :iconchipwhitehouse:ChipWhitehouse 799 197 The Wind... by alicexz The Wind... :iconalicexz:alicexz 34,964 2,084 L.O.V.E. I by ObsidiansAngel L.O.V.E. I :iconobsidiansangel:ObsidiansAngel 160 28 fall blossom by bailey--elizabeth fall blossom :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 1,404 106 Swallowing panic. by Soyismyhomeboy Swallowing panic. :iconsoyismyhomeboy:Soyismyhomeboy 169 16 Dead or are you sleeping? by Soyismyhomeboy Dead or are you sleeping? :iconsoyismyhomeboy:Soyismyhomeboy 300 29 Bonfires by iNeedChemicalX Bonfires :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 858 32 Dragon Quest by Sortvind Dragon Quest :iconsortvind:Sortvind 981 141 Golden Times by Sortvind Golden Times :iconsortvind:Sortvind 498 50
these are the secrets we keep pressed against the skin of
your thighs and the confessions we dare not release past the
even rhythm of our pulses; this is everything our tongues keep
to themselves beyond the angles of lopsided secret smiles
these are the badges of honor we keep tucked on the insides
of our collars and in the rolls of our sleeves; this is the faintest
touch of my teeth leaving their mark on your clavicle and
the excuses we make when our distinctions are discovered
these are the memories we whisper to ourselves in stairwells
and private moments during the car ride home; this is you
closing your eyes and feeling the sensation of something greater
than friction building deep inside the spaces between your ribs
these are the movements our bodies have orchestrated and
rehearsed one thousand times with our eyes closed until we may
perform them with eyes wide open; this is resisting the arch
of your back against the most innocent of touches on your neck
:iconsocraticsynapses:SocraticSynapses 66 18
The day the world went away by vampire-zombie The day the world went away :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 1,304 123 Halcyon by iNeedChemicalX Halcyon :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 4,266 327



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